Takano Shigeyoshi hanshi’s jodan 高野茂義の上段

Takano Shigeyoshi: A very brief bio Takano Shigeyoshi was born in Mito in 1877 (family name Chigusa). When he was 14 he enrolled in Tobukan and began to study kendo under Ozawa Torakichi. His father, himself a renowned swordsman, died the same year and Shigeyoshi ended up being looked after by the dojo. Eventually he … Continue reading Takano Shigeyoshi hanshi’s jodan 高野茂義の上段

University invitational shiai 大学招待試合

One of the busiest times of the year for my high school kendo club is in March due to the amount of university invitational shiai we attend. These types of shiai are when university kendo clubs invite a number of high school kendo clubs to come to their university for a day of kendo. These … Continue reading University invitational shiai 大学招待試合

Motodachi 元立ち

Last week I published an article on Kirikaeshi. When I posted the link on facebook I jokingly asked the question: “I love kirikaeshi… what about you?” I got a bunch of replies, but the one that immediately struck me was from Ralf in Germany: “Depends on the motodachi.” I strongly agree with Ralf’s opinion. Rather … Continue reading Motodachi 元立ち

Kirikaeshi 切返し

Over the last few weeks I’ve been super busy, both with keiko (as usual) and also researching/planning/writing the next kenshi 24/7 publication(s). Feeling guilty about neglecting this website (!!), I’ve decided to post an entire chapter from our last publication: KENDO TOKUHON (the kendo reader). If you haven’t picked it up yet, the full book … Continue reading Kirikaeshi 切返し