Don’t give advice to other peoples students

他人の弟子をアドバイスするな。 子供たちは順調に伸びていくわけではない。 右に行ったり左に逸れたりしながら伸べていくのだ。 右に曲がっているものを矯正するには、 真っ直ぐではなくて。 左に行きすぎるぐらいにしないと真っ直ぐにはならない。 それが解って指導できるのは、直接の師匠だけなのである。 出稽古などに行って、よその門下生と稽古するときは、 スキがあったら打ってやればいい。メンばかり打ってくる子に、 「コテもドウもあるよ」などと言わない方がいい。 訳あって「メンの稽古をしろ」と言われているかもしれないのだ。 Don’t give advice to other peoples students! Kids (kendo) doesn’t always improve according to plan. If you go too far to the right the only way to fix it is aim left, not by simply going straight ahead. In fact, if you don’t bend … Continue reading Don’t give advice to other peoples students

2010 – Eikenkai in Scotland

Eikenkai organiser George went back to his home country of Scotland and whilst there managed to conduct a small 2-day kendo workshop as well as some local keiko in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. The two day workshop consisted solely of kihon with only a small amount of jigeiko had. More was planned but due … Continue reading 2010 – Eikenkai in Scotland

Kendoka shashin meikan

a.k.a. kendoka pictorial directory Editors comment: what follows here is another great translation by Isaac which I believe will be useful to the researchers out there. This book – kendoka shashin meikan (剣道家写真名鑑) was published in 1925, and it attempts to catalogue the butokukai of that time. This includes not only various pictures but the … Continue reading Kendoka shashin meikan

The kendo lifecycle 剣道のライフサイクル

(a.k.a.Kendo and you: what it means and how you approach it at various points in your life) I started kendo at the comparatively late age of 19 (I’m 35 now) and, with only 16 years of practise under my belt, I can say with no false humility that my experience is pretty shallow… considering that … Continue reading The kendo lifecycle 剣道のライフサイクル

Bokuto ni yoru kendo kihon waza keikoho

I am sure most if not all regular readers have at least heard of bokuto ni yoru kihon waza keiko ho if not already actively practising it (some people for years I guess). The first time I was introduced to it was in 2000 (or 2001?) at a seminar in Brussels, Belgium (Editor: see … Continue reading Bokuto ni yoru kendo kihon waza keikoho