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Looking forward

So, the start of 2018 ushers in the end of kenshi 24/7’s tenth year online. Unbelievably I’ve been writing this site since 2008 (which itself was an extension of a private kendo blog which began in 2003). I can’t remember exactly when the first post went up as I’ve deleted, archived, or otherwise removed or re-jigged quite a few posts over the years, but it was early-ish in 2008. At any rate, it feels like I’ve been running for twenty years not ten!

Over the last decade I’ve translated countless pieces from Japanese to English, published a number of kendo books, and introduced famous kendo people, places, dojo, books, events, happenings, and concepts that were not commonly known outside of the Japanese speaking kendo community (some even little known within it). In these respects, I feel pretty confident that the site has been a success.

Personally, in these last ten years I feel I’ve progressed a lot both as a practitioner and a teacher, in practical technical execution as well as in the study and understanding of theoretical aspects. This has often been aided, and sometimes even fuelled by providing content for kenshi 24/7 and through the people I have met because of it.

My position as a public high school kendo teacher over the same time-span has afforded me great freedom to really see how kendo develops in the trenches, as it were, and living in Japan has given me the chance to study under some top teachers. Both of these, by the way, have also allowed me to see and experience first-hand some not-so-great stuff as well…

So, “what’s next?” What are my kendo goals for the next ten years? And what should I do with from now on? The two are deeply intertwined.

Kendo-wise there is always the next grading to aim towards, the next batch of students to instruct, and the annual Kyoto Taikai to take part in, so things will more than likely take care of themselves. As a bonus, my dabbling in jodan has started to become a little bit more serious. So, kendo-wise, I have a number of solid objectives to work towards.

Then there is the Edinburgh Kendo Seminar which, as I mentioned in the last post, Edinburgh Kendo Club and I are making official this year. Running an annual seminar in Edinburgh taught by police kendo professionals has been an aim of mine for a long time, and I am happy it’s finally coming to fruition. This, I hope, will turn out to be a long-term project that will continue even after I am long dead-and-buried.

But what of After a decade of posting is it finally time to draw a line on the website? Should I set it up as an archive and move on to something new, or should I continue on as is.. perhaps taking it in a different direction?

Continuing as is will neccessitate a slower posting rate as my job is extremely busy (hence the reduction of posts over the last two years) and I’ve a tiny wee daughter to take care of. If I go in a different direction, exactly which one do I go in? More media-based (pictures and vid), or perhaps more bloggy (e.g. more discussions about life in Japan)? Or maybe I just draw the line, archive the site, and start something new? I must admit that the last option is quite tempting.


If you have an opinion on the matter, please let me know! You can comment on the site, on facebook, or email/message me directly if you prefer. Any and all comments welcome.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement over the last decade! Cheers,
– George

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