Author: Andy Rogers

Originally from Queensland, Australia, Andy Rogers now lives in Nagoya, Japan. Despite approaching his first decade in kendo, Andy is a perpetual beginner in all things and also has a strong interest in photography.

Most Extraordinary People

If I were to ask you, “who do you think are, or were, the most extraordinary kendo people in the world?” What would your answers be? Teramoto Shoji? Uchimura Ryoichi? Perhaps you believe that the last generation All Japan Championship winners were – such as the great Eiga Naoki or Miyazaki Masahiro? Chikamoto? Maybe the current All Japan Hachidan Championship combatants are more impressive to you and you might answer “Higashi-sensei” or similar. Maybe the past era sensei and modern forefathers of kendo such as Nakayama-sensei or Takano-sensei will always be a cut above the rest? Of course, these are …