Author: Eric Aerts

Eric Aerts works as a consultant in the textile industry; he is a graduate of Columbia University (East Asian Studies) and Stanford University’s Kyoto Center for Japanese Studies. An avid practitioner of kendo, he studies in New York City at Shidogakuin dojo, under Shozo Kato sensei and lives in New Jersey with his wife and children.

DIY#5: Take Dou – A Labor of Love

When I heard that my friend Eric Aerts had actually hand made a dou from nothing I had to get an article out of him! He kindly wrote the following and supplied pictures. Check out the link at the end of the article to see more pictures of the various steps. Enjoy! I can recall my father waking me on Saturday mornings to do maintenance work on his old wooden sailboat and how I would groan and roll my eyes at the prospect of a day spent (wasted) sanding and varnishing in what is the on-going battle for all wooden …