Kendoka shashin meikan

a.k.a. kendoka pictorial directory

Editors comment: what follows here is another great translation by Isaac which I believe will be useful to the researchers out there. This book – kendoka shashin meikan (剣道家写真名鑑) was published in 1925, and it attempts to catalogue the butokukai of that time. This includes not only various pictures but the names (and addresses… which I chose to omit!) of the leading kendoka within the organisation.

I’ve taken the files that Isaac gave me and edited/formatted them to the best of my ability, but I am sure there are some dodgy formatting and the odd transliteration error in there. Rather than sit and stare at the article by myself indefinitely in an attempt to perfect it, I decided to just publish it. Put it down to “sutemi” !!!

Published in the 5th Month of the 13th Year of Taisho (1925)


This thing called Kendō is the embodiment of the Japanese spirit; it is a method of training the body and mind that is unique to our country, and something that can be proudly shown to the rest of the world. 

Therefore, since the days of old, those who have studied this art have been many, and since the establishment of the butokukai in the 28th year of the Meiji, it has prospered even more, so much so that now, those who have achieved the Seiren-shō(1) level certificate number several hundred – it can be said that the art is truly thriving.

In order to make further efforts into investigating this art, and to spread goodwill to and to be of assistance to the Kendō practitioners in various parts of Japan, I have organized the committee to publish Kendōka Shashin Meikan.

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