Head instructor: George McCall

George, a fully qualified Japanese high school teacher, has been working at one of Osaka prefectures top academic public high schools for over a decade. Teaching kendo is part of his job, which makes him the only non-Japanese public high school kendo teacher in Japan.

George ran Edinburgh kendo club from 2000-2003 before moving to Japan. Since moving to Japan, George has studied kendo almost exclusively under police professionals.

Full name: George McCall
Grade: Renshi rokudan
Born: 1975, Scotland
Work: Fully qualified high school teacher
Lived in Japan: Since 2003

Assistant instructor: Nagaura Ryuichi

Ryuichi is a graduate of the high school kendo club that George teaches in Osaka, though he had already graduated before George became the kendo teacher there. They met and established a relationship while Ryuichi was a student at Osaka University. Upon finishing university, Ryuichi worked for a bit in the Kansai region before moving to – and finally settling in – Canada, where he continues to practise kendo.

This will be his first trip to Scotland.

Full name: Nagaura Ryuichi
Grade: yondan
Born: Osaka, Japan
Lives: Canada