Main instructor: George McCall

George, a fully qualified Japanese high school teacher, has been working at one of Osaka prefectures top academic public high schools for over a decade. Teaching kendo is part of his job, which makes him the only non-Japanese public high school kendo teacher in Japan.

George ran Edinburgh kendo club from 2000-2003 before moving to Japan. Since moving to Japan, George has studied kendo almost exclusively under police professionals.

Full name: George McCall
Grade: Renshi rokudan
Born: 1975, Scotland
Work: Fully qualified high school teacher
Lived in Japan: Since 2003

People who have helped instruct in the past:


Assistant instructor: Nagaura Ryuichi

Ryuichi is a graduate of the high school kendo club that George teaches in Osaka, though he had already graduated before George became the kendo teacher there. They met and established a relationship while Ryuichi was a student at Osaka University. Upon finishing university, Ryuichi worked for a bit in the Kansai region before moving to – and finally settling in – Canada, where he continues to practise kendo.

This will be his first trip to Scotland.

Full name: Nagaura Ryuichi
Grade: yondan
Born: Osaka, Japan
Lives: Canada


Head instructor: Yano Nobuhiro

This years Edinburgh kendo seminar will be taught by Yano Nobuhiro sensei, kyoshi hachidan. Yano sensei is one of a small handful of elite professional police kendo instructors that work in Osaka police department.

After graduating from Miyazaki prefectures kendo-powerhouse, Takachiho high school (while still a student his team managed second place in the All Japan High School Championships), he joined Osaka police force in order to pursue his passion for kendo.

As a police man he spent a few years in the tokuren squad (a small group of select men and women whose job is to do kendo day-in-day-out) before being hand-picked to become a police kendo instructor, something than not all tokuren members are given the opportunity to do. His first position after instructor-training finished was a five year stint as a teacher at the Osaka police academy. Soon after this period, in 2008, he passed hachidan on his first attempt (he was 46 years old at the time).

For the last ten+ years, like other police kendo instructors, Yano sensei has moved around different police stations within Osaka prefecture teaching kendo to police men and women of all ages and abilities.

Full name: Yano Nobuhiro
Grade: Kyoshi hachidan
Born: 1962, Miyazaki prefecture
Work: Osaka police dept., 1982~current
Passed hachidan: 2008 (first attempt)

Other people who have helped in the past include: Jon Fitzgerald and Andy Fisher.