2 min read September 7, 2016 at 9:00am on update

So, here we are.

I am guessing that everyone reading this at the moment was already a kenshi 24/7 reader before. I've had quite a lot of comments on both the main site and on Facebook, as well as some personal messages about the notice I put on the main site - many thanks to everyone! A lot of folks seem to think that somehow this is the end of the road for kenshi 24/7 and that I'm reaching the end of my life or something...... nothing could be further from the truth!

What's happening is basically I'm a bit run-down with having to deal with this n' that constantly. People are always trying to push or pull me one way or another, and I've had kind of had enough. There was also a very horrible incident that happened to me last year (hinted at here) which really, really (really...) annoyed me, making me realise that although being online can be cool, there are also many nasty people (and charlatans) out there as well. I'd rather my happiness wasn't decided by others. 

So, I guess, I am attempting to fade into the background a bit. I deleted the Facebook app of my mobile devices (I've been threatening to dump my iPhone for months now...) and turned down the volume on kenshi 24/7. From now I'm going to concentrate on my family, my students, and on getting some quality free time. 

btw the name of this new blog - JIKISHIN (直心) - has a few possibly connotations. For me it's about being honest and acting with integrity. I'm not quite there yet, but I can say in all honesty that my aim in life is to become a good person. Budo, for all it's contradictions and inconsistencies, is the vehicle I have chosen to ride on this path, bumpy as it is.