Bio of Momonoi next to his grave

Kurai wa Momoi 位は桃井

Edo, December 1865. Momoi Junzo and 8 of his disciples were walking home in the fading evening light after finishing their end of year keiko. Despite the cold and the late hour, the city was still busy preparing for the upcoming end-of-year and new-year celebrations….


Summer break 里帰り

Just a quick status update – yours truly will be going home to Scotland for 3 weeks over the summer (from Tuesday!) so there will be a break in the regular posting schedule and facebook updates… apologies!! I did intend to write another post this…


Tenouchi (revisted) 手の内(改めて)

Last week I published a loose translation about tenouchi which was quite popular. However, when I was reading the original piece, and again whilst I was translating it, I was struck by the sheer detail of description and it made me uneasy. Now, I know…