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I've attended more shiai than most. In fact, unless you help teach at or run some sort of kids dojo here in Japan (and have done for years), or have been a school kendo teacher longer than me (not the kind of people who are likely to be reading kenshi 24/7), then 
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Obviously I love kendo books. Only this past weekend I got another handful of books given to me by a particular sensei (a repeat book-giver... I think he is dumping all his old books on me!). A retired high school teacher whom I've only know for a couple of years, I 
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Yesterday was the last Eikenkai session of the year. It was a deliberately small session held in one of my favourite dojo buildings (the actual dojo space is new and not so cool):  Keiko action:    
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It's super embarrassing to talk about now, but years and years ago (when I was living in NYC in the mid-90s) I had a colleague round to my house. Failing to explain kendo well I tried to show him a video. The only thing I had was a VHS copy of 
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So, here we are. I am guessing that everyone reading this at the moment was already a kenshi 24/7 reader before. I've had quite a lot of comments on both the main site and on Facebook, as well as some personal messages about the notice I put on the main 
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