Shoshin ni kaeru (初心に返る)

Even though I don’t post on on a daily basis, I usually find myself linking cool videos, pics, and kendo what-nots to the facebook page every day, so I’m sure that some people were wondering whats been up with the lack of updates over the last 2 weeks. Basically, after a silly fall, I ended up breaking my ankle (left fibula). Not only that, but I had to get it operated on = a titanium plate and 6 screws. Boo. After just recovering fully from my last mishap (a broken back), I’m beginning to think I’m cursed!!!

The good news is that the surgeon, my rehabilitation guy, and friends who have suffered similar problems, have all assured me I will get back to keiko soon enough – I just have to be patient in the mean time, and concentrate on rehabilitation. Almost everybody also told me to use the time to think about stuff, not just kendo things, but the day-to-day things that often get forgotten (especially when on a 12 keiko/week diet).

Thinking about my friends advice, the phrase SHOSHIN NI KAERU (初心に返る) immediately came to mind. The phrase basically means “to go back to the time when you first started something” (i.e. when your thoughts were still untainted) or something to that effect. Obviously it’s a term that can be used for many different aspects of our daily lives.

Kendo-wise – for me – I’m taking this non-keiko time as an opportunity to re-evaluate not only the physical aspects of my kendo (which will have to re-start themselves very slowly anyway) but also the more metaphysical aspects of my kendo shugyo – Why am I doing it? Of what value is kendo to me? What benefit is there to teaching kendo to children? How can I become a better person through kendo? How has kendo changed me over the last 20 years? etc. etc. I also took a lot of time out to reflect on the story of Suzunosuke, in particular that I shouldn’t moan about the pain, the inconvenience of hobbling around in crutches, and that I should be thankful for my 38 years of life to date.

Another added bonus to all this extra time is that the next kenshi 24/7 publications release is now pretty much imminent! I have a test copy of the book front of me as I type this (it truly is beautiful!) and am just awaiting the last bunch of typo-edits to come in from a couple of friends before I update the pdf and publish. The content is still top secret, but I assure you that you will love it!

It took an accident and hospital stay to get me to ponder on some of the stuff above (and to finalise my book). Hopefully it won’t take as much for you to make some space in your day to consider your (kendo) life and to perhaps get things done that you’ve been putting off.


The pic is from the manga Vagabond. I don’t really have time to r much anymoreh anymore, but a bunch of comics were conveniently placed in the hospital t The average age of the patients in my ward must have been about 70, so I was the only reader!!

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