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Kendo photography

I started taking kendo pics back around 2003-4 with a small point and shoot camera and, after a few iterations of pretty low-end cameras, have settled on reasonably cost effective setup that allows me to take pics in a variety of situations, both for pleasure and images for use on this website. Since I get […]

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Looking back

Happy 2013! For the first post of the new year I spent some time looking back af old kendo pictures, some from books, others that I picked up randomly on the web. I really enjoy looking at these old pics so I’d like to present a handful of them here (the earliest picture is from […]



Check out this video by a friend of mine from Austria, Marcus. He visited Japan and created a photo/video documentary of the country. He of-course visited my dojo here in Osaka – Yoseikai – and took some footage… a small part of which is shown here. Anyway, check it out!