Eikenkai is the kenshi247 led kendo keikokai based in Osaka, Japan, that seeks to improve members kendo through intense training in basics.

Who are we? / 英剣会について

Our core membership base consists of Japanese and non-Japanese nationals that live in and around the Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto Kobe, Nara), though we have members that live all over Japan. Past members/visitors have come from a wide spectrum of countries: U.K., America, France, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Romania, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Korea, China, India, Brazil, Columbia, Vietnam, Thailand, Estonia, Italy, Chile, Croatia, Russia, Switzerland, etc….

Members level spans from sandan up to hachidan, with varying levels of competition experience (including past and current World Championship competitors, and all Japan university championships titles). All members are active kendoka.

Please note that although Eikenkai is almost certainly (or was for a very long time) the only non-Japanese led keikokai with a permanent location in the country, its not a group made up of only non-Japanese kenshi, in fact locals make up the majority of members.


Why ‘Eikenkai’? / なんで「英剣会」?

Simply, the kanji 英 (ei) represents the fact that the starting member is British. The 剣 (ken) is self explanatory, and the 会 (kai) means group/club/association.


When and where is keiko? / 場所と予定表

We get together and practise around about once every two months, though this varies.


keiko schedule / 稽古会予定表

Contact for details.

Keep a look out on the kenshi247 facebook page for the latest information.

Points to note before joining a session / 注意点

In GENERAL anybody is welcome as long as:

A) you are an active kendoka. i.e. you belong to a dojo and are training seriously;
B) you have at the very minimum 3+ years experience and are nidan/sandan;
C) you are fit and healthy;
D) if its your first time, please get in touch telling us your name, age, kendo experience, affiliated dojo and instructor.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.


A) 現役稽古をやっている修行に真面目な人。
B) 基礎はハードで、いろいろな技を練習するので、ある程度剣道を体得している人。
C) 健康体である人。
D) 初参加なら必ず連絡して下さい。


Membership / 会員

There is no fee and there is no formal procedure to join our group. We sometimes charge a small fee to cover facilities if we don’t use George’s work dojo.


Who do I contact?

Please get in touch with George. If it is your first time, please include the following information: your name, age, kendo experience, affiliated dojo, and instructor.


Pictures and News / 過去の稽古会

To see pictures of keiko and news about past sessions please click here.