Busy busy busy… 紺屋の白袴

Like most people, I lead at times what seems to be an overly-busy life. Part of this is because I live in a large bustling city, but most of it is because of a demanding kendo lifestyle and a super-hectic job. The last two years, especially, have been chaotic to say the least. Now, as you probably guessed from the image above, my life just got expotentially crazier!!!

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Merry Xmas! メリークリスマス


Back in May I announced that I was having a re-think about what to do with kenshi 24/7 and then in September I posted a notice saying that I was semi-retiring posting content… at least for the “time being.” I tried to start a more casual blog on the side, but things in life (work!) are moving at warp-speed at the moment and my energy soon exhausted itself. Perhaps, if I can get myself organised properly, I’ll try to make another attempt at either a re-boot of the main site or some other side project next year.

Still, despite the hectic work schedule I haven’t stopped doing kendo… just not at the 2〜3 keiko/day rate I have managed over the past decade or so. I continue to post original media and share quality content to the Facebook page, so be sure and like it if you haven’t already.

Lastly, thanks to everyone for your continued support over all these years. Whether you’ve read an article, shared something, or bought a publication, I hope we can have the chance to do kendo sometime in the future. Cheers!

My favourite posts from 2016

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Just to prove that I am still active, here are some images/vid that I have taken since September. Enjoy!


kenshi 24/7 began life as a private kendo-life-in-Japan-blog way back in 2003 before being unleashed to the public in 2008. In the years since then close to 500 posts were published as well as seven publications, three of which are still available on our publication site kendo-book.com. As I write this at the very end of the summer in 2016 I am happy in the knowledge that kenshi 24/7 has achieved far more than I ever planned or imagined, for which I am thankful.

However, it has been very hard and even stressful work at times, and, with increased responsibilities at home, work, and in the dojo, it is with much reluctance that I must be selfish and, for the foreseeable future, hit the brakes.

This doesn’t mean that the website will disappear, nor will I stop blogging. kenshi247.net will stay as it is today, but I don’t plan to write any more long and involved articles… at least for the moment. I have a couple of books in-process (and some other ideas as well), but I can’t see any serious progress being done on those until I retire or win the lottery, whichever comes first.

My plan for now is to treat the current site as an archive, and in the near future begin a smaller, more casual blog with general kendo content. I will also continue to update the Facebook page with interesting links and pictures, and upload the occasional video my YouTube channel.

Thanks for your support over all these years, cheers!!

– George

Time for a break / rethink 休憩中・考え直す

As long-time readers have probably noticed lately, my (written) output on kenshi 24/7 has been a little bit patchy. This is not due to lack of inspiration or because I am not thinking about and doing lots of keiko, but because I have little free time nowadays to spend writing long articles. This is partly (mostly) due to a promotion that I’ve had at work, and also partly due to a deliberate move away from spending too much time online.

What this means is that output on this main website will slow considerably for the foreseeable future. But don’t worry – it won’t stop! I’ll continue to add new pieces now and then, and I’ll continue to update the Facebook page often. During this time I’m going to consult my trusted kendo friends and have a serious rethink about the direction I want to take the site in the future.

kenshi 24/7 has been running non-stop since 2008 and has not only published close to 500 original articles in that time (about 1/2 of those articles have been archived) but also seven publications (though only three are available now). I think that was a pretty good batting run considering the whole venture is a one-kenshi machine!!!!!!



March book project 三月の本プロジェクト

As many regular readers already know, I love books, especially kendo books. The older the better. Last October I had a free afternoon and introduced a portion of my book collection on this site. A couple of weeks after seeing the article a sempai of mine got in touch:

“I found a bunch of old kendo books in a closet. Do you want them?”

“Um, yes please!”

“Ok, there’s a little bit too many to carry to the dojo, so I’ll send them to you.”

Four days later two heavy boxes arrived on my doorstep. I had been expecting maybe 10 or so books, so I was delighted when I opened the boxes to find them crammed-packed full of books… over 80 books In total!! Not all of the books were amazing of-course, and a couple I already had, but there were some real gems in the batch. After the initial buzz of mining through the boxes subsided I realised that my already backlogged kendo reading schedule was in for a kicking.

In an effort to somehow get through them I’ve decided to tackle the books as articles for kenshi 24/7: all through the month of March I am planning to release at least one short-ish article per week, each article featuring content from one or maybe two books. I might even arrange them thematically, for example, by comparing the descriptions or illustrations of kata, or showing how the same waza is explained by two different authors, etc. If you have a preference, please let me know.

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Just as a wee teaser, here are a handful of images I pulled from some random books.