Kendo 1925 – in pictures


I spent a lot of time reading about kendo and of course, preparing scripts and pictures for my own kendo projects and of course this website. By far the most fascinating thing for me is to get my hands on older kendo manuals, the well-worn the better. I especially enjoy looking through those books that include pictures.

The pictures below are all from a kendo manual entitled ‘Practical kendo for students’, which was published in Taisho 14 (1925). It was written by Tominaga Kengo and includes an introduction by his sensei, Takano Sasaburo. The book is full of interesting kendo pictures, a few of which I plucked out and have uploaded here as I imagine that many readers will enjoy them as well.

In particular, I like pictures that show changes in the shape compared to the kendo we do nowadays, including waza that have fallen or are falling out of use.

At any rate, enjoy! I hope to introduce more pictures at a later date.

As an added bonus here are some pics from an article series I published 4 years ago. This book was published in 1927.



6 thoughts on “Kendo 1925 – in pictures

  1. You know, I have to say that I’m kinda glad the “kumiuchi take down!” is no longer part of the Kendo canon!

  2. Wuss !

  3. Fair comment.

  4. Pavel Jahundovich

    Excellent post! Do you plan to translate the descriptions of these not-in-use techniques like take down and leg trip? You made me very curious on how these techniques were used.

  5. He Pavel, about 4 years I did do some minor translations about stuff like this, you can see them here:

    Its possible that I may start a large project to translate a couple of these older books in there entirety… I’m still thinking about it.

  6. Pavel Jahundovich

    That would be stunning!

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