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Presenting our first publication – kenshi247: selected articles 2008-2011. Available online now in printed (20 USD) or digital (10 USD) version it contains over 20 of the best kenshi247 published articles, revised and reformatted. Printed in America using Hewlett-Packard’s MagCloud POD service you can pay with credit card or paypal. If you choose the printed version there are a number of delivery options available.

Please click on the image below or in the side-banner (or here) to see a full preview and to purchase.

kenshi247: selected articles 2008-2011

By George McCall

50 pages, published 4 DEC 2011

A collection of the best kendo articles from spanning 2008-2011.


1. About kenshi247
2. Kenshi (swordsmen): Takano Sasaburo; Fujimoto Kaoru; Takizawa Kozo; Ikeda Yuji; Furuya Fukunosuke; Kendo no kata creators.
3. Oshie (teachings): The reality of seme – Furuya Fukunosuke; Kendo Is – Sawaki Kodo; The Concept of kendo – Nishino Goro.
4. Waza (techniques): Kobayashi Mitsuru hanshi’s katatezuki; Dead or dying.
5. Shinsa (gradings): A brief investigation of the shogo system; How to pass hachidan (2 versions).
6. Extras: The formation of reiho in modern kendo; Some naming guidelines.
7. References and sources.

Why publish something now?

From the start has always been free and will remain so in the future as well. All the articles in the publication above are still available online for you to enjoy completely free. So why bother? Basically, I had 2 reasons why I decided to publish now:

1. Over the years I’ve had many people ask ‘how do I donate?’ or ‘how can I support you?’ an answer to which I’ve never really had. Rather than just accept money, I thought I’d collate some of the articles for posterity and give people the chance to donate by buying them. Any profit made will go into hosting and domain costs and theme purchasing. If a miracle happens and 10 million copies are sold then I’ll build a dojo!

2. Next year I am aiming to publish at least 2 kendo books, one is a completely original book written by yours truly, and the other is a top secret translation piece. This ‘selected articles’ is a sort of dry run for these. I have never published anything online before, and never done any book design or what have you, so this is all new to me.

Some pictures


Just a final word of thanks to the kenshi247 readers out there. Hopefully we can continue to produce interesting and informative content (online and in print) for many years to come!!!

– George
Osaka, December 2011.

By George

George is the founder and chief editor of
For more information check out the About page.

13 replies on “kenshi247 selected articles”

Hey George,

That looks great, as a HP R&D employee I’m thrilled that you went for MagCloud to publish it. I just purchased a digital version and it looks really really cool. Thanks for putting this together and looking forward to many years of Kenshi247!


– Alex

Oh, cheers Alex!! The service seemed the best all-round solution for what I was after. I’m still learning the dtp aspect of things, so if you have any advice about the product please get in touch and let me know!!

Hi! George:)
I’m really excited to hear your publishing the first book!
I bet 10 million copies are sold and you can build a dojo in front of Osaka castle.

as soon as I saw your post on this, I knew immediately that I would love to have both formats. Your collection will be a valuable addition to my kendo library. After I post here, I’m going to go order it. Wish you great success with this and all your writing. For English speaking practioners of kendo, you are so incredibly valuable to the kendo community!
Wishing you best and Happy Holidays!

Oh, James – cheers!!! You are way *too* kind!

Hopefully I can release at least another couple of projects within the following months. I’d love to release things on amazon etc but being based in Japan it makes things a bit awkward at times… so I’m still looking around. I still also have to work on my writing and dtp skills as well… and my kendo ability too!

I hope you enjoy the material. Cheers!!
– George

Let’s try again
Just purchased your book and it comes up a treat on the Mac / I pad. Great piece of work

Cheers Andrew!!! Spread the word.

I want to make any future publications (and this actually) available for my Kangaroo-eating mates as well…. so if you know of any service like this down-under please get in touch.

George, will order one to help support you.
i published my own book as well. if you need help with dtp let me know.
i’m still in japan, and have as you know a slew of photos and graphics and designs based on japanese martial arts. if you need layout or anything let me know.
happy new year! i hope youre recovering well.
p.s. did you see the back of my head in the empty minds video of meiji jingu? hah

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your comment and support!! Um, I probably could do with some mentoring/advice in the dtp area… a friend is helping me out a bit just now actually, but eventually I have to master it myself.

What book did you publish? I’ll get in touch with you directly actually, thats the best bet.

Recovery is ok I guess… not as quick as I hoped. Thanks for asking. Hope you have a good 2012 as well!

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