Correct, enjoyable, and friendly

Last year I posted a short article introducing the artistic work of the oldest sensei I study under. Be sure and check out the post above even if you have done so before.

This year – as always – I was happy to go into the dojo and discover a beautifully painting waiting for me. Being the year of the horse, there were of course horses in the picture, and above them the words 正しく、楽しく、仲良く = correct, enjoyable, and friendly. Although a relatively simple theme for this years keiko, I think they are words to remember.

This edited iPhone snap doesn’t really give the picture credit, but I think it doesn’t hurt to share anyway. Enjoy!


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A happy new year from the south of Sweden, Glimminge Budokan.The 3 words you showed loved by Nakamura sensei who was once the all Japan kendo champion and past a way because of the cancer! His calligraphy is hanging at Budokan at Tokyo polis departement in Kiba. Thank you your great articles!!!
Best tegards

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