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Attack from a far distance – be energetic and lively – attack with abandon

I posted this advice from the kendo legend Saimura Goro sensei (斎村五郎) on the kenshi 24/7 facebook page yesterday. As it got so many likes and shares I thought I’d better put it on the main site as well! Here is is:


“During keiko you should attack energetically from a far distance with large strikes. This style of kendo is not only elegant and manly, but it will lead to improvement in your kendo over time. Attack from a far distance – be energetic and lively – attack with abandon.”

The advice above, I think, applies for all kenshi irregardless of age or gender, but Saimura sensei goes on to qualify it for young people in particular:


“Being able to do kendo in this manner is the privilege of the young. Young people who don’t do kendo in this manner are like flowers that have lost their scent, or salt that has no flavour – they are not doing kendo as a youth should, and will never improve no matter how hard they try.”

To read a bio of Saimura sensei please check out this kenshi 24/7 article.


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