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Kamei Toru sensei’s kendo lecture

I’m glad to announce that a project that I worked on with the Japanese kendo magazine “Kendo Jidai” has finally made it to daylight. This is their first ever product aimed specifically at the non-Japanese market, and if everything goes well (i.e. good sales) then hopefully they will go on to produce more English language products (DVDs and hopefully books) in the future.

Check out the introduction, front and back covers, as well as a biography of Kamei sensei below.

You can buy the DVD from the Japanese Amazon site here (you can change the language to English).


Kamei sensei discusses some of his ideas about how to acquire good kendo.

This DVD includes the English subtitles of “Kamei Toru sensei’s kendo lecture.” The Japanese only version was originally included with the March 2015 issue of Kendo Jidai magazine.


Lesson 3 MEN WAZA
Lesson 4 KOTE WAZA


Name: Kamei Toru
Born: 1954
Rank: hanshi hachidan

Kamei sensei graduated from Kyushu Gakuin High School before moving to Meiji University. After graduating university he returned back to his hometown of Kumamoto and joined the Kumamoto Police Department. At the time of recording he is currently the top police kendo teacher in the prefecture.

Past competition experience includes:

All Japan Kendo Championships (runner-up)
All Japan Inter-prefectural Championships
World Kendo Championships
All Japan East-West Championships
National Athletic Championships
(first place team competition)
All Japan Police Championships
(first place individuals)
All Japan Hachidan Championships (runner up)

Kamei sensei passed hachidan in November 2000
and was awarded Hanshi on May 2009.

Please note that I receive no payment or percentage of any sales on the DVD, I am promoting it because not only do I think it is a good DVD, but also because I hope that it will inspire Kendo Jidai to produce more English language material in the future.

By George

George is the founder and chief editor of
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6 replies on “Kamei Toru sensei’s kendo lecture”

Yeah ! I just buy it on Amazon Japan. Can wait to receive it in France !
Thank you for the information about this DVD, George 🙂

Hello George. I just receive my DVD and of course, just watch it 🙂
First of all, KAMEI Senseï has a very impressive and beautiful stance ! When you say to student “stay straight when you move forward”, well, we should show them Kamei Senseï moving !
Secondary, his teaching, in this DVD is very interesting because, he always put the point on : “tis my way of practice, the point that I working on on my everyday practice, but their is other ways”. This is very important teaching because, of course, their the basic and orthodoxe kihon, but Kamei Senseï give us some advise to apply this basic technic, and not only the technic.
And that make me think that this DVD is very interesting for kenshi 3th dan and over, but, I do think that for beginner (i.e kyusha until 2e dan), it may confuse them because their kihon maybe not stronger enough. Well, that is only my point of vue 🙂

The DVD is really a much have ! I have find some new way of practice for my own, and to teach, so, I am very very very happy to have it ! Thank you for the job !

Hi Yannick,

Thanks for the nice review!

Yeah, I think people who say “there is only one CORRECT way and it’s MINE!” are highly compromised as instructors.

As for the level of person it’s appropriate for: I’d say it was for anyone of any level, and that even complete beginners can get hints from it. IMHO.


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