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Edinburgh Kendo Seminar (2017)

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent some time in the beautiful Scottish capital city of Edinburgh earlier this summer teaching a two-day kendo seminar (plus one regular keiko session). It was the fourth time I have been invited by my home dojo, Edinburgh Kendo Club, to teach there.

Unlike the seminars before, there were a couple of GoPros floating around, so I was lucky to receive some footage of the content over the three days. I don’t normally like to share videos of my teaching online, but this time – after being talked into doing so by numerous friends – I thought I’d share a short highlights video.

The video is just over 2 mins long and shows just a small snapshot of the entire content. I didn’t want to expose you to my Scottish accent, so I added some ambient music on top!!! Next year is the 30th anniversary of kendo in Scotland, so I am planning to be back in Edinburgh again over the summer, this time with a special guest in toe (more information later). If you really want to hear my lovely accent, please feel free to attend the seminar!

Check out the vid here:

The content briefly explained:

  • Friday night Edinburgh Kendo Club session: tenouchi and footwork drills.
  • Saturday, seminar day one: Tenouchi drills, basic cuts and thrusts, renzoku waza.
  • Sunday, seminar day two: suburi, tenouchi drills, kirikaeshi, advanced waza.

If you have any questions about the content, please comment below.

Kendo Coaching Tips and Drills

All long-term readers of kenshi 24/7 know that I published a Kendo Coaching manual back in 2012, so this section is for newer readers or for those that are not yet aware.

Rather than write a lot of blurb here, please check out the manuals dedicated page here, and have a look at the promo vid below.

You can pick up the manual directly at these links: PRINT or DIGITAL.

This as the original promo vid I made for the manual when it was released back in 2012. It shows some non-bogu drills, kirikaeshi, oikomi, and a small snippet of the footwork ladder drills I sometimes teach.

Related articles on kenshi 24/7

There are loads and loads of teaching related articles on the website, but I selected a tiny handful that I think are particularly relevant. Check out the archives to browse through all past articles.

* Ladder Drills: a section that didn't make the original manual.
* Motodachi: an excerpt of a chapter of the manual entitled "The most important person in practise: motodachi" plus part of an explanation on kirikaeshi.
* Teaching beginners: a recent article detailing my approach to interacting beginners. 

Last but not least, a big “Thank you” to everyone at Edinburgh Kendo Club, particular this years organisers Michelle and Dez, and Mure for putting me up in his lovely house.

Also, I’d like to thank kenshi 24/7 readers for their continual support over all these years. 2018 will actually be the 10th year the site has been running, so if you are interested in coming to Edinburgh next summer for some keiko, kendo chat, and some beer, please do so!

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