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Eikenkai (Feb. 2018)

Yesterday, for the first time in half-a-year I held an Eikenkai session. For the last 10 years or so we’ve been going at a pace of one session every couple of months, but with work and baby making life hectic, it has been difficult to get the time.

Anyway, 19 people got together for the usual keiko menu: 40 mins. of kihon practise -> 25 mins. of waza practise -> 50 mins. of jigeiko. Scotland, England, America, Italy, and Japan were represented, and there were quite a few teachers in the mix. Two of the teachers are talking part in todays Osaka Todofuken preliminary shiai… I hope they do well!

After keiko we enjoyed a beer or two and chatted until the early evening.

Kendo is awesome!

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