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Eikenkai (Nov. 2018)

Last Saturday (10th of November), I held an Eikenkai session at my workplace. 17 kenshi got together for some keiko: about 40 mins of kihon, one hour of jigeiko, and about three hours (or four… I can’t remember!) in the second dojo. Seven countries were represented: Scotland, England, America, Australia, Brazil, Italy, and Japan.

Although friends regularly visit me at my dojo nowadays it’s often hard to find the time to organise an adult-only practise. The trigger for this particular session was a visit from an old kendo friend, Jayson from Australia. A national team member and WKC competitor, he is also one of the coaches at UTS Kendo club in Sydney.

Thanks to everyone for participating!

On a sad note, when I got up early on Saturday morning to head to asageiko with my students (before the Eikenkai session), I was surprised to find out that my old kendo acquaintance, British kyoshi nanadan Geoff Salmon, had passed away. I posted about it here.

Geoff never had the chance to attend an Eikenkai session, but I am sure that he would approve of the content (keiko and beer)! Rest in peace.

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