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All Japan Prefectural Championships 2019

On April 29th every year the All Japan Prefectural Championships (Todofuken taikai) are held here in Osaka. I have been attending the shiai as a spectator for well over a decade now, and have seen it change in format from a mixed male/female competition, into a separate male (the one I was at today) and a female competition. More info on the format of the competition can be read on last years post.

As I noted in facebook post a few weeks back, the All Japan Kendo Federation made an official statement regarding the taking of pictures and vids at events such as the Todofuken Taikai. My original comment is here:

“Wow. Looks like the All Japan Kendo Federation is going to attempt to stop people taking and sharing pictures and video at their events. Most likely this is in reaction to a particular YouTube channel that makes money on some of their events (this new ruling suggests that the channel should require permission for the privilege.. which in reality means paying a fee), but I wonder if such a sweeping (and sudden) change in policy will only serve to deprive the kendo community as a whole? In theory, the promotion of kendo is their goal, not profit based on kendo. Hmmm……”

Sure enough, at today’s shiai there were notices sellotaped to various places throughout the venue with the ZNKRs statement. What this exactly means for posts such as this on kenshi 24/7 I don’t know. If I am contacted in anyway, I’ll let everyone know.

Anyway, here are my small handful of snaps from todays event. Enjoy!

Video is not really my thing, but here is a super short taken to show the feeling of the shiai itself:

(check out media from 2018 and 2017)

Check out the official pics and vids from the ZNKR.

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