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Eikenkai (Sept. 2019)

Yesterday I hosted my first Eikenkai session in about 8 months. 22 kenshi from six counties (Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Germany, America, and Japan) and 3 prefectures (Osaka, Kyoto, and Mie) got together at my work dojo where we did 40 minutes of kihon followed by just over an hour of jigeiko.

After keiko we went out for some post keiko drinks and chat… some of us continuing until well into the evening!

For the first time, the All Japan Kendo Championships will be held in Osaka this year (due to renovations at the Nippon Budokan) on November the 3rd. I am contemplating hosting an open keikokai at my work place – if you are coming to Osaka and are interested in participating please get in touch.

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