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One more keiko and this year is done. Whew. I must admit that this year has been a long one!

Long though it may have felt, however, it wasn’t a particularity prolific one here on kenshi 24/7 compared to past years. That doesn’t mean I didn’t get anything done.

Event-wise there were plenty of shiai attended (too many to list), the usual Kyoto Taikai appearance, a rare Osaka-held All-Japan Kendo Champs, and – the highlight of the year for me – a trip to Edinburgh to run another seminar (see below). The last shiai I attended (pics below) was held on the 26th of December… so it really has been an eventful one from year start to year end.

I was also involved in the release of a kendo dvd, and I managed to fit in some a couple of reviews of kote plus some other gear.

In amongst all this – with a very young daughter in toe plus a crazy job – I managed to keep up a 8 keiko/week schedule on average (sometimes more, sometimes less).

Oh yeah, and I also bought some land and plan to build a house in 2020. No space for a dojo I’m afraid… oops.

I’d like to use this spot to say the usual thanks to kenshi 24/7 readers, new and old, for your support, especially those that support the site via Patreon or who pick up and/or recommend copies of my books. Hope everyone has a good holiday period, wherever you may be. Cheers!

– George

Bonus pics: Boxing day shiai

For the last four or so years my club and I have attended a shiai held right at the very end of the year. I wrote about it in a bit more detail last year, so please check out that post. In the meantime, here are a handful of pics from the competition.

Edinburgh Kendo Seminar 2019

As noted above, the highlight of my year was heading to Edinburgh and teaching a kendo seminar at my home dojo, Edinburgh Kendo Club.

I will be heading over again in July 2020 (with a professional police hachidan) so if you are interested, please feel free to attend.

You can visit the official website here.

My favourite posts from 2019:

My favourite media from 2019:

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