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2020 Kendo Seminar

Apologies: due to the ongoing pandemic the 2020 seminar was cancelled mid-March.

This years Edinburgh Kendo Seminar, hosted by Edinburgh Kendo Club and kenshi 24/7 is ON!

This will be the fourth year straight that I have travelled back to my home country of Scotland to run a seminar, and my eighth time in the past 12 years.

Like the 2018 seminar, this year I will also be bringing over Yano Nobuhiro sensei (kyoshi hachidan), a professional police instructor here in Osaka.

Quite a few guests will also be in attendance: assistant instructor Nagaura Ryuichi (Kendo Ayame, Montreal, Canada), Andy Fisher (British national team, KendoStar), Jon Fitzgerald (British/Greek national team, Athens Kendo Club), and others! If you are interested, why don’t you join us?


Seminar pics from the past three years:

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