Year end, year start 年越し、元旦

Happy new year !!!! I hope all kenshi 24/7 readers had a great xmas and Hogmanay/new-year period. Japan, being a non-Christian country, basically doesn’t stop for a holiday break until December the 29th or 30th depending, and even then many shops will remain open throughout the whole period, perhaps closing only on January the 1st. … Continue reading Year end, year start 年越し、元旦

Pictorial look back over 2014 振りかえる

I promised myself and kenshi 24/7 readers that I’d write at least one or maybe two new articles before the years end but, hands up, I’ve run out of time. Mainly this has been because kendo doesn’t slow down for the end of the year, it speeds up !! So for the last post of … Continue reading Pictorial look back over 2014 振りかえる

Eikenkai November 2014 英剣会

We held the 6th and last Eikenkai session of 2014 yesterday at our usual dojo at Sumiyoshi Budokan. 27 people participated with kenshi coming from as far afield as Kumamoto (Andy from All Japan Budogu), Nagoya, and Okayama, as well as from around the Kansai region (Osaka, Nara, Hyogo, Kyoto). We did our trademark 45-30-45 … Continue reading Eikenkai November 2014 英剣会

Kendo Taikai (kendo playing cards) 剣道大会

Last August I was lucky enough to receive a set of the brand new Kendo Taikai (kendo playing cards) from it’s creator, Ákos Vachter from Hungary. Having never seen or even heard of anything like this, I was quite exited to see what it was like. First of, have a look at the video rundown … Continue reading Kendo Taikai (kendo playing cards) 剣道大会