kenshi 24/7 began life as a private kendo-life-in-Japan-blog way back in 2003 before being unleashed to the public in 2008. In the years since then close to 500 posts were published as well as seven publications, three of which are still available on our publication site As I write this at the very end of the summer in 2016 I am happy in the knowledge that kenshi 24/7 has achieved far more than I ever planned or imagined, for which I am thankful.

However, it has been very hard and even stressful work at times, and, with increased responsibilities at home, work, and in the dojo, it is with much reluctance that I must be selfish and, for the foreseeable future, hit the brakes.

This doesn’t mean that the website will disappear, nor will I stop blogging. will stay as it is today, but I don’t plan to write any more long and involved articles… at least for the moment. I have a couple of books in-process (and some other ideas as well), but I can’t see any serious progress being done on those until I retire or win the lottery, whichever comes first.

My plan for now is to treat the current site as an archive, and in the near future begin a smaller, more casual blog with general kendo content. I will also continue to update the Facebook page with interesting links and pictures, and upload the occasional video my YouTube channel.

Thanks for your support over all these years, cheers!!

– George

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Many thanks for your efforts and good luck with the way you choose from now on. Your decision is sad to read but who know what is it good for. Maybe you start playing lottery and win the jackpot?

Apparently a candle can’t burn at both ends. I’m pretty sure that if there’s anyone who deserves some rest it’s you. Thanks for everything so far and keep up the good work.

You’ve been doing a great job sharing all that history and knowledge of kendo that otherwise would have been impossible to find for all of us.
With only what you’ve done you’ve earned our gratitude. Thanks!

Whatever it is you do with this blog and your books will be very well done.
We all hope that you keep sharing videos and texts so we’ll keep watching you!
We only ask that you notify if you win the lottery to go to Osaka to celebrate!

Hello George,
May I ask one more request before the long break starts?
Could you please write down an alternate index to the articles based on the learning transition or stages? Let’s say for example, an article about holding the shinai, or caring for the kendo equipment would be before an article about waza. It would be like a syllabus.

Thank you,


Thank you very much for your effort all this years. This has been (and will continue to be) a place of study, research and insipiration for kendoka worldwide. For a country like mine where kendo is not developed having an insight from someone so invlvoed in both Kendo and Japanese culture is a blessing. Your hard work on all your articles has reached more people than your web users; I’ve learnt here and passed on that knoledge to other people as well.

I’m happy you need to take this decision, in a way. It means your kendo, work and family life is blossoming and that there are many areas that require your full attention. I wish you the best in that seek of balance.

Again, thank you for your hard effort and I look forward to the new books.


George, I can honestly say that I have learnt from this site and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. I would like to thank you for sharing. All the best.

Bah, shoots man. In the plethora of Kendo sites out there, yours was top-notch. Will be sorry to see it move into stasis, but understood. Thanks for all you did.

Scott, “…yours was the top.” was what I think you wanted to say, right? I assume it was an auto-correct problem!

It still is. Don’t worry, things will right themselves eventually. Maybe.

George I always read your posts and value them very highly. Hope to see you again in 2018 when we are next back in Japan.We really enjoyed the keiko with your Dojo.

Thanks very much for your articles George and the guest posts you put up on the website. They were informative, thought provoking and witty. I can appreciate that it must have ben very much a labour of love but, I can say that it will be a much missed part of Kendo and in my case Iaido learning. Hope to see you back in Edinburgh soon.

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