Eikenkai June 2014

This morning 17 kenshi got together at Sumiyoshi Budokan (next door the beautiful Sumiyoshi Taisha) for the kenshi 24/7 led kihon keiko session EIKENKAI. Although it was very hot and sticky we still managed the usual kihon 40 – waza 30 – jigeiko 40 minutes format.

The next Eikenkai session will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, on the 2nd and 3rd of August this year. For more information please check out the facebook event page or get in touch with the hosts Edinburgh Kendo Club (btw, the seminar has been held in Edinburgh twice before, in 2010 and 2012)

Eikenkai sessions will return to Japan after the summer, with the last 2 sessions of the year being on the 28th of September and the 30th of November. If you are interested in attending, please read the information on this page.

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