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Eikenkai February 2015

Today’s Eikenkai practise – the first of 2015 – was absolutely packed. 40 kenshi from shodan to nanadan representing five prefectures (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Mie, Nagoya) and five countries (Japan, the UK, Spain, Thailand, America) got together for over two hours of intense keiko.

In amongst the participants there those that have competed at the highest level, namely the All Japan Championships, the Todofuken Championships, the Kokutai national championships, and past and present European and World Championships. The mix of professions represented was also very rich: teachers, scientists, politicians, journalists, radio DJs, cooks… as well as high school and university students.

In other-words, a quite eclectic bunch!!!

The session today consisted of about one hour of kihon practise (kirikaeshi, men, kote, kote-men, tsuki, oji waza, and uchikomi) followed – after a short break – by over an hour of jigeiko. As you can imagine, with such a wide-range of ages, grades, and experience, it made for an excellent bash.

For more information about Eikenkai, including this years schedule, please visit the page on this site.


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