Time for a break / rethink

As long-time readers have probably noticed lately, my (written) output on kenshi 24/7 has been a little bit patchy. This is not due to lack of inspiration or because I am not thinking about and doing lots of keiko, but because I have little free time nowadays to spend writing long articles. This is partly (mostly) due to a promotion that I’ve had at work, and also partly due to a deliberate move away from spending too much time online.

What this means is that output on this main website will slow considerably for the foreseeable future. But don’t worry – it won’t stop! I’ll continue to add new pieces now and then, and I’ll continue to update the Facebook page often. During this time I’m going to consult my trusted kendo friends and have a serious rethink about the direction I want to take the site in the future.

kenshi 24/7 has been running non-stop since 2008 and has not only published close to 500 original articles in that time (about 1/2 of those articles have been archived) but also seven publications (though only three are available now). I think that was a pretty good batting run considering the whole venture is a one-kenshi machine!!!!!!



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You have been doing a great job. Your point of view and your hard work creating, translating and publishing kendo content is an invaluable work for the international kendo community. Whatever you do next will be fine!

George, I know that those of us out here in the international kendo community are grateful for all the fantastic, inspiring and informative
articles and books that you have shared with us over the years. I’m sure that however you chose to go forward, it will continue to be of
tremendous value to us all. I trust that it will be enjoyable and fulfilling for you as well. Looking ahead to my next visit to Osaka for some
keiko ands beers. Cheers, Damian Santiago

While my boys were first born and very young I stepped away from Kendo. During the process of re-joining regular Kendo this site has really helped me get back into Kendo head-space. Thank you for everything you’ve written, it is much appreciated!

Dear George,
Than You for all the effort and time invested in this blog and fb page. I’ve read all the articles I believe and this is my first comment through all these years. Sorry for not commenting often.
Your texts and translations are truly a piece of grate insight and food for the hungry openminded and historyloving kendoka. Sonetimes the quiteness shows more than the words. I am gratefull for getting to know more about kendo thanks to Your effort. Hope to read more, whenever it comes to internet, and wish You best health and regars from Serbia. 😉 Hope my scotish english was not that much bad.
Belgrade, Serbia

Definitely missing those other articles. Some of those translation have influenced my own practice in Koryu bujutsu. Whenever students ask me about elements of Itto-ryu or Kendo, I direct them here, yet those translation don’t seem to be available any longer… T_T

Luke, thanks for your kind words!

I began my study of koryu just after I started kendo (over two decades ago), so my entire study of kendo has a more traditional slant than most. A careful read of this website probably makes that obvious. I did intent to add a lot more information about iaido and kobudo on this site, but we ended up pulling most of that information for various reasons. Perhaps in a future kenshi 24/7 reboot there may be more information in that regard. Cheers.

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