Osaka Kangeiko 2017

Every year, around about the 4th-6th, Osaka prefecture hosts an open “Kangeiko” session. I put that in quotes because it’s not really a traditional kangeiko style, i.e. early in the morning in a cold dojo. It’s held in Osaka city’s central gym and is really quite warm!! Actually, chatting to older sempai of mine, I hear that the event used to be held in Shudokan (who are co-hosts along with the prefectural association) over a 10-day period starting at 6am in the morning. Now THAT is proper kangeiko!

Anyway, nowadays it is a three-day event and the format is as follows:

– 10 mins of warmup and suburi
– 20 mins of kirikaeshi
– 20 mins of kakarigeiko
– 20 mins jigeiko with the sensei (20 mins)
– 20 mins jigeiko split into two groups: student group (primary, junior high, and high school kids practising with each other) and an adult one (university students and older)

There is also an afternoon renshi-jiai and open godo-keiko session on days 2 and 3 for high school students (which started about three or four years ago).

On average you will have well over 1000 participants and a whole host of hachidan, sometimes as many as 50 at one go.


This year I couldn’t participate actively due to a health issue, so I took some vid and photos to share. Enjoy!

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Thats some amazing photos/ vids there George.

I havent done any kendo this year ( due to other budo requirements) ,and my first keiko will be at a Kangeiko.

Im dreading it.

Take care


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