Osaka Kangeiko 2019

Happy new year!

As is the norm here in Japan, the year-end/year-start season is a busy kendo one. Amazingly I actually did end up having a handful of non-kendo days over the period (family time), but I managed to make up for the missed keiko days by cramming multiple sessions in a very short time – five in the last two days alone!

This year, as normal, I attended both days of the Osaka kendo associations kangeiko (usually it is a three day event). On the first day I participated as a motodachi for pretty much all of it, but on the second day (today) I decided to sacrifice putting my men on in order to take some photos and vid to share with kenshi 24/7 readers.

I’ve attended this kangeiko for a good few years now, perhaps a decade or more, but today and another post back from a couple of years back are the only times I’ve actually shared information about it on the main kenshi 24/7 site. Be sure to (re-)read that article for background information.

Anyway, please check out the short introductory vid plus the pictures below and – if you find yourself in Osaka around this time next year – feel free to get in touch and we can go together.

Thanks for your continued support of kenshi 24/7!



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