2020 Review

Happy new year! Judging by the recent news it seems that the world is heading for more chaos in the months ahead than it faced over the last 10+ months. Perhaps more so outside of Japan than inside it… I hope I am wrong. Here we are working (and importantly, keiko-ing) away pretty much as normal.  

Every year I tend to do round-up of posts and media but, even though keiko stopped completely only for a short while (for me anyway: with access to work dojo and other willing teachers I think I did about four weeks without putting my bogu on, but during that time I did lots of self-training or kata with a colleague) there has been no events to take pictures/video and write about, and (most importantly) very little interaction with kenshi outside of my immediate sphere to talk with and get inspiration from. Even in this, admittedly very-lucky situation, I felt a loss of motivation. Still, I got my head down, and plugged away at kirikaeshi, oikomi, uchikomi, kakarigeiko, and kihon, with very little jigeiko. 

Another major disruption for this blog was during all of the above I, somehow, went back-and-forth to the architects office, designed a new house, got it built, and, in mid-December, moved. All this with a crazy three-year old… how I managed it all I am not sure. I now have a nice little kenshi 24/7 office, and my books and kendo objects arranged so that I can (when inspiration strikes) sit down and write in peace. A new article is already planned and started. 

2020 started out pretty good!!

2020 in review

In short, here are my favourite posts of the year. 

My favourite article of the year was a bio on Miyazaki Mosaburo, a literal kendo giant who has fascinated me for years. 

Finally coming “face-to-face” with Naito Takaharu was probably my kendo moment of the year. 

Travelling the Yagyu-kaido with a good kendo friend was my best kendo experience of 2020. Even had the year been as chock-full with kendo events as it usually is, this would have been a stand out day for me. Although I believe kendo is a personal shugyo, you can’t walk the path without good friends support. 

Pandemic related articles

If, like me, you are sick about discussing the current situation, please skip over these posts!

- (May) May blues 
- (June) What now?
- (June) I changed my mind
- (September) Crisis?
- (September) Men-Mask 

Archives and books

If you are sitting at home with time on your hands, please remember that kenshi 24/7 has something like 12 years of 100% free articles online. You can search through them using the search bar above or from the dedicated archive page

When everything started to go down the drain last year I thought I’d be able to get my next book (already researched, 80% written) finished but, since Japan returned to “almost normal” pretty quickly, that didn’t happen. I do have a few other publications (available in print and digital) out there through!!!  


Like everyone, I hope that things can return to normal as soon as possible. However, it is hard to read what is going to happen tomorrow never mind next month. Just stay safe and keep positive!!! 

Thanks for your continued support!!


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