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Eikenkai (Nov. 2023)

Just over twenty of my kendo friends gathered together on the 23rd of November (a national holiday) to take part in this year’s third Eikenkai session. Nationalities represented Scotland, Japan, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Ireland, England, New Zealand, China, and America, two of whom will almost certainly take part in next years WKC. A lot of shiai happen during national holidays, so a few normal members couldn’t attend due to competition or shinpan duties. 

Quick screen grab showing the jigeiko session

Unlike the last session (blistering hot) the weather was awesome, which made for a nice energetic session: 1.5 hours of kata (koryu) followed by 50 mins of kihon and an hour or so of jigeiko. The kihon session was pretty orthodox except that I forgot to end it with uchikomi/kakarigeiko as I like to do! I won’t forget next time. 

Anyway, that’s it for my open adult keiko this year, I will probably host the next sometime in February. If you are around, please feel free to get in touch. Cheers!

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2 replies on “Eikenkai (Nov. 2023)”

Hi George,

I have been an avid follower of your blog for quite some time, and I am sure that we have many mutual friends, especially because I was in NYC for a bit over 6 years (did not overlap with your Kenzen days, though). I now live in Tokyo — I always wanted to participate in Eikenkai at some point in my life (if allowed, of course), and it just happens to be that I will be in Osaka in January 2024 for a few days. Would you mind please letting me know who may participate in Eikenkai and when you are planning to hold the next Eikenkai? (Do you perhaps announce it in advance on, say, a secret 🙂 email group?)

Thank you,

Hey Chris,

Thanks for reading!!! I am sure we will have some mutual acquaintances, if not in NYC, then in Tokyo.

My next Eikenkai session will be in February but please get in touch with your dates – you can always join my work keiko session.

Hope to meet you soon!

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